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ActiveGranule®, produced by Foundry Chemical Inc., is a dust-free; free flowing granulates of zinc oxide used in the rubber vulcanization with improved material handling characteristic and preserve good dispersion capabilities. It is stable and resistant to abrasion during transportation and can readily be mixed into the rubber compositions.

Zinc oxide serves as the activator to activate organic accelerators in rubber vulcanization process. There is an increasing demand on good dispersion zinc oxide with low airborne dust in rubber compounding to meet the environmental requirement. A good dispersing behavior is automatically associated with favorable mechanical properties (tensile strength, elongation at rupture, tear resistance, etc.) of the finished rubber article.

Another concern of the rubber-processing industry relates to the use of material, which can be readily transported and stored in silos. Such raw materials clearly simplify handling since the raw materials can be automatically supplied as silo material with the appropriate transport capabilities for delivery to the mixing units used in the rubber industry. Powdery raw materials cannot be readily transported as a rule since the conveying systems become clogged.

One possibility of converting zinc oxide into a low-dust form is presented by the process of pelletizing, whereby zinc oxide is agitated in appropriately equipped rotating drums, which brings about a compaction or densification to form spherical pellets of zinc oxide. In order to obtain stable granulates with modern drum-type granulating machine, it is generally to add binders if the relatively large granulates are to withstand transportation without disintegrating. However, if they are so hard that, before use, they have not disintegrated into the mixture, their incorporation is generally attended by difficulties on cylinder mixers.

ActiveGranule® has been developed to provide improved handling properties. Its superior flow qualities can reduce dusting compared to powdered standard grades. It can be readily transferred in handling equipment and can also be accurately weighed or metered in automated systems. The reduction of dusting is a major advantage in meeting industrial hygiene requirements. Our proprietary granulating process, unlike industrial common pelleting technique, does not involve grinding and hardening. Thus the dispersion capability can be preserved as the powdered standard grades.

Certain granulated materials strengths are necessary for the rigors of material handling. The strengths must be such that the granulated materials can be transferred from conveyor to conveyor several times and bagged without breaking and keeping pellet degradation to a minimum. The quality of ActiveGranule® is from efforts in balancing the granulated materials strength as well as good dispersion in rubber compounding. Three strength tests have been conducted to validate granule strength on ActiveGranule®.

1. Compression or crush test -- The compressive strength is determined by placing granulated materials between two steel plates and evenly applying pressure until fracture occurs. ActiveGranule® is strong enough to sustain a compressive strength of 2.0 Newton.

2. Impact or drop test -- The impact strength of granulated materials represents its ability to survive multiple drops; i.e., conveyor-belt transfers. And is determined by the repeated dropping of the pellet onto an iron surface from a height of 50 centimeters until the granulated materials fractures or chips. The strength is recorded in the average number of drops the granulated materials survived. A standard value for impact strength is 10 drops, although ActiveGranule® survive in excess of 50 drops.

3. Attrition test -- The amount of degradation during handling and bagging is critical to make sure the granulated materials are relatively dust-free. The attrition test is determined by placing granulated materials on a sieve and vibrating with a common sieve shaker for five minutes. The amount of granulated materials passing the screen is measured as the attrition loss percentage. An average of less than 2% loss in ActiveGranule®â is most common.

ActiveGranule® product lines are available on different grade of French process zinc oxide, high surface area active zinc oxide as well as zinc carbonate. We are proudly to serve the industry with this wide range of product offerings.


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 Active Granule




ActiveGranule® ZnO is a wet process granular active zinc oxide formulated for the rubber industry


Transparent ZnO(H)

Transparent ZnO(H) is an accelerator activator of extremely fine particle size, particularly suited for transparent rubber goods.



ActiveZnO (TR) is a proprietary wet process active zinc oxide formulated for the rubber industry



80% High Grade French Process Zinc Oxide in 20 % Elastomeric Binder



ActiveZnO(EVA) is a wet process active zinc oxide formulated for the polymer forming manufacturing

ZNO(P501)is a wet process active zinc oxide formulated for the polymer forming manufacturing  

Transparent ZnO(H1)

Transparent ZnO(H1) is an accelerator activator of extremely fine particle size, particularly suited for transparent rubber goods.