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Foundry Chemical specializes in manufacturing rubber chemicals with three factories in Asia and is a fast growing rubber chemical company. Combination of innovation and effective manufacturing, we provide efficiency and environmental friendly solutions to rubber processing needs.

VulcaPellet® made its debut on market on 1996 and is aiming to solve the dispersion problems encountered often in rubber processing. We lead the market in the state-of-art binder development, which optimizes compounding compatibility, Mooney viscosity. The result is a homogeneous blend for the manufacture of rubber articles. It also maintains tack-free granulates for better storage and transportation. We recently expanded our annual manufacturing capacity to 6,000 metric tons and with the ultimately goal of 24,000 metric tons annually.

ActiveGranule® is a revolutionary binder-free zinc oxide granulates used in the rubber vulcanization to meet increasing demand on low airborne dust. It can be automatically supplied as silo material as well as delivery to the mixing units used in the rubber industry. Unlike industrial common pelleting technique, our proprietary granulating process does not involve grinding and hardening. Thus the dispersion capability can be preserved as the powdered standard grades. Our new China factory with an annual capacity of about 12,000 metric tons is playing a pivotal role in this brand new application in rubber industry.

Furthermore, we are the market leader in light fastness accelerator system used in outsole application. Polymer cured with our noteworthy success VulcaMix® are with better resistance to yellowing, fading, darkening or even physical degradation such as cracking or shrinking when exposed to sunlight. With more and more emphasis being placed on safety in the workplace, attention is increasingly focused on nitrosamines-free crosslinking made possible by VulcaMixâ. It precludes the sources of all carcinogenic N-nitrosamines, and does so without causing blooming problem.