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Pre-Dispersed Polymer Bound Rubber Chemicals
VulcaPellet®, produced by Foundry Chemical Inc., is a polymer coated master batches of chemicals used in the rubber vulcanization. It offers a comparable quality as the Rhenogran® granulate from RheinChemie (a subsidiary of Bayer, Germany) at a highly competitive price.

Solution to Rubber Processing Challenge
VulcaPellet® is aiming to solve the problems encountered often in rubber processing. There has been lots of concerns on some chemicals that need to be compounded with other materials won't mix properly, or won't mix at all when they are compounded with other materials. In order to eliminate this problem, VulcaPellet® coats such chemicals with a polymer binder forming a pellet. Also, the polymer binder has been chosen such that it goes well with both chemical and the rubber compounds to which it is to be added. The binder system builds a bridge between chemical and rubber. The result is a homogeneous blend for the manufacture of rubber articles.

Innovative R&D Product
The manufacture of chemical master batches is a matter of considerable complexity. Controlling it requires many years of accumulated know-how regarding suitable raw materials and their combinations, optimum binder systems, and production processes that won't compromise the functionality of the active ingredients. Foundry Chemical Inc. has a strong professional team committed to the customer satisfaction and quality products with their well-rounded rubber processing experiences. Dispersion is another a critical requirement in chemical master batches. Our proprietary transparent cut press method enables dispersion quality control of production batches. Other proprietary methods based on electron microscopic examinations are beyond most factory resources and take long time to do the quality control.

Rigorous Quality Control
Foundry Chemical applies the most rigorous quality control on VulcaPellet®. This includes a series vulcanization tests on both active ingredient raw materials and VulcaPellet® products to ensure a good curing characteristics. In addition, they also need to pass our proprietary rubber dispersion test. This dispersion test effectively discovers fault from the manufacturing process. This rigorous quality control is evidenced by the fact that hundred millions shoe soles manufactured with VulcaPellet® every year achieve a high standard product requirement.

Customers can benefit from VulcaPellet® in several ways. First, pellets are easier to work in, easier to pack, and readily miscible without dust formation. Secondly, the stability of the chemicals in storage and transportation is much improved, with the active ingredients protected from irreversible change through exposure to environmental effects such as atmospheric humidity and oxygen. Thirdly, VulcaPellet®'s excellent quality and the competitive price provides rubber manufacturers easy migration from Rhenogran®. Last but not least, it is also affordable for present pure powder or liquid chemical users to upgrade their formula with the advantages that VulcaPellet® offers.

Positive Response
VulcaPellet® made it's debut on market on 1996. We first developed several prototypes and were tested by several name brand rubber manufacturers in Asia. Ultimately, components for rubber shoe sole and industrial rubber products were manufactured. Our innovative technology to provide a good dispersion is well recognized by our customers. The response to VulcaPellet® is truly positive. The effectiveness has been validated among the world leading footear laboratories and numerous shoe soles produced with VulcaPelletâ. We recently finished a volume production plan to better serve the market demand. Our expanded manufacturing capacity can provide quality VulcaPellet® with 3,000 metric tons per month.

Adjust to Individual Requirements
Starting from one type of accelerator with SBR (Styrene butadiene rubber) as binder. VulcaPellet® is now a series of polymer coated chemicals with other type of accelerators and sulfur with SBR and EPDM binder. After all, the polymer binder needs to be appropriate to the selected rubber compounds. The choice of binders guarantee good miscibility and optimizes the technical properties of the compounds. Naturally we also have the facility to adjust to individual customer requirements and modify our formulas accordingly.

Competition Edges
So far, polymer coated rubber chemical has been conceived as an expensive material and only used among those high end’s rubber manufacturers. There is, however, a strong demand on pre-dispersed polymer bound rubber chemicals because of their advantages. This presents another critical challenge to the rubber industry on how to bring a low cost yet good quality pre-dispersed rubber chemical master batch. Foundry Chemical confronts it with mass production. Both raw material and manufacturing cost can be reduced with volume production. VulcaPellet® now offers a comparable quality as Rhenogran® but at a highly competitive price. The price for VulcaPellet® is only fractional higher than pure powder or liquid chemicals. This also offers a good opportunity for industrial rubber manufactories to replace their powder or liquid formula with VulcaPellet®. We are confident that VulcaPellet® will spread to the mass market at an explosive growth.

A broad range of VulcaPellet® is available for various applications. At the moment, the following line of products is available:


 Series Name


Chemical Description

Data Sheet









ActiveGranule® ZnO is a wet process granular active zinc oxide formulated for the rubber industry


Transparent ZnO(H)

Transparent ZnO(H) is an accelerator activator of extremely fine particle size, particularly suited for transparent rubber goods.



ActiveZnO (TR) is a proprietary wet process active zinc oxide formulated for the rubber industry



80% High Grade French Process Zinc Oxide in 20 % Elastomeric Binder



ActiveZnO(EVA) is a wet process active zinc oxide formulated for the polymer forming manufacturing




















7014.5% VulcaMix®#1 in 25 % Elastomeric Binder





75% VulcaMix®#2 in 25 % Elastomeric Binder





An optimized mix of proprietary light-stabilizing agents with accelerators blend.





75% VulcaMix®#3 in 25 % Elastomeric Binder





75% VulcaMix®#4 in 25 % Elastomeric Binder





75% VulcaMix®#5 in 25 % Elastomeric Binder



75% VulcaMix®#6in 25 % Elastomeric Binder



80 % N-Tert-Butyl-2-Benzothiazolesulfenamide in 20 % Elastomeric Binder



80% N-Cyclohexyl-2-Benzothiazole Sulfonamide in 20 % Elastomeric Binder



75% 2-Mercaptobenzothiazole in 25 % Elastomeric Binder



75% Benzothiazyl Disulfide in 25 % Elastomeric Binder



75% Diphenyl guanidine in 25 % Elastomeric Binder



80% N,N-Ethylene-thiourea in 20% elastomeric Binder



75% zinc diethyldithiocarbamate in 25 % Elastomeric Binder



75% Zine-dibutyl-dithiocarbamate in 25 % Elastomeric Binder



75% Zinc dibenzycldithocarbamate  in 25 % Polymeric Binder



75% Tetramethylthiuram Disulfide in 25 % Polymeric Binder



80% Tetramethylthiuram Monosulfide in 20 % Elastomeric Binder



75% Dipentamethylene thiuram tetrasulfide in 25% elastomeric Binder






Vulcanized Agents 



80% Rhombic Sulfur in 20 % Elastomeric Binder



80% Rhombic Sulfur in 20 % Elastomeric Binder



80% Insoluble Sulfur in 20 % Elastomeric Binder



80% Insoluble Sulfur in 20 % Elastomeric Binder


Coupling Agents


50% Bis- [3–(Triethoxysilyl)Propyl] Tetrasulphide in 50 % Elastomeric Binder




80% Rutile TiO2 in 20 % Elastomeric Binder





Pre-dispersed liquid styrenated phenol (SP) antioxidant in Elastomeric Binder





Pre-dispersed liquid styrenated phenol (OH) antioxidant in Elastomeric Binder  

Antiscorching Agent


80% N-(cyclohexlthio) phthalinide  in 50 % Elastomeric Binder


White-active agent


The active agent of silica in Elastomeric Binder, promote dispersion and vulcanization.